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I am quite honored to have the lovely Cassie of Witty Title Here guest writing for me today. She’s such an amazing writer and I just adore how genuine + honest she is.

While we were discussing topics for her guest post, she suggested sharing the story of her move across country from Maryland to California. I won’t give any thing away — but I quickly became excited and knew that her re-telling was going to be fabulous. Her words so closely resemble my own from when I, too, made a very similar move to California. Needless to say, I love her post. And I think you will too!

Cassie Paton, of Witty Title Here, writes:

I’ve never traveled overseas. I don’t even have a passport. But I did have the biggest adventure of my life (so far) last year, when I packed up everything I owned and drove cross-country with my boyfriend. We were headed for Los Angeles.

That trip—and getting to know my new city in the months to follow—changed me. It confirmed what I’d always believed about myself in the years leading up to it but never really had the chance to find out: I thrive on the adventure that comes along with big leaps.


During our epic journey, the endless road, the changing landscape and the soulful faces of the people I’d encounter along the way and never see again — they were all exhilarating. After finding a place to live and settling in, exploring L.A. and everything it has to offer was (and still is) also pretty damn exhilarating.

Despite all this, I’m also an introverted homebody. A perfect weekend for me often means spending the days lounging around at home, reading a good book and making a bangin’ omelette. Sometimes, the part of me that loves getting out and exploring conflicts with the other part of me that would rather stay in and watch Netflix. How can someone who so often craves adventure also have somewhat hermit-like tendencies?

That’s a writer’s dilemma, I guess. I came to L.A. partly because of the weather (hello, 75 and sunny all year long), but also to get my master’s degree in journalism. Being a writer and photographer forces me to go out in the world, explore and actually talk to people. It also requires spending a good chunk of time in solitude as I craft those experiences and conversations into a blog post or article.

Moving to California was a scary, uncertain leap, but it sparked my creativity and it sparked my sense of adventure. We bloggers like to joke about how we feel the need to document everything we do and everywhere we go. I’ll be the first to happily own up to it. If nothing else, documenting my experience of traveling across the country and falling in love with Los Angeles has given me something special to look back on and see how far I’ve come in less than a year.

But it’s also led me to meet some pretty incredible people with stories much more interesting than my own. People whose stories I’d never come to know had I not made the leap, followed a dream and put myself out there. I may not have traveled the world (yet), but I’ve discovered so much about myself along the roads I have traveled. It’s been nice getting to know myself.


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So many thanks to Cassie for sharing such an inspiring story with us! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it resonated with me… making a huge life change like Cassie did is no easy feat — but she did it, and wonderfully + successfully too, I might add.

Have you ever took a leap of faith, scary as it might have been, in pursuit of your dreams? We’d love to hear your stories!

Photography by Cassie Paton

24 comments on “GP / The Perks of Wanderlust”

  1. Jessica Rose says:

    Wow..sounds like some adventure…I would so love to move to California…but live in London…so I think that would be a bit too far to drive!! ;))

    • latrina says:

      Hey, I dunno! I wouldn’t mind relocating to London for a bit. Wanna swap places? :P

  2. Wow ! This was a great article LA sounds amazing I’ve always wanted to go to California ! I loved what Cassie said about craving adventure but then having somewhat hermit like tendencies ! I can definitely relate to that I love going out and exploring and what not but it’s definitely easy to fall into a pattern of laziness or stay home and watch tv all day or get lost in the internet haha! ;)

    • latrina says:

      I can totally relate to Cassie as well with that — I absolutely crave adventures + explorations… yet I’m a homebody! It’s weird, and I suppose I’m still finding a balance. But I do know that I will absolutely freak out if I don’t go on a roadtrip at least once a month. :P

  3. juni says:

    lovely story, what a big step and a big adventure!

  4. Nina says:

    Eerily similar story here. I am also a writer. I also moved across the country to San Francisco from Chicago and so many of your thoughts on adventure, writing (being an extrovert but existing in solitude, etc) are so accurate.

    • latrina says:

      I love this, Nina! Thanks for sharing. That’s one of the reasons why I was so excited for Cassie to share her story, because I knew people could totally relate to it… and those who can’t, could find courage from her achievements and big moves!

  5. Such an inspiring story to read first thing in the morning! Cassie touches on such a wonderful point of getting to know yourself. I loved reading this! Moving to Bulgaria was the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken. Definitely the scariest but also the most rewarding…

    • latrina says:

      Definitely a big leap + life change for you, Sarah! So proud of you, too. Such a wonderful experience, don’t you think? And all the amazing stories you have now! Right? :)

  6. Lucy says:

    Oh man, moving across the country seems like a pretty big step up from not having a passport! So glad to hear it has been a great decision! xoxo

  7. Dani says:

    This post came at such a perfect time. My husband and I have been thinking about making the cross country move to So Cal! We currently live in VA and have been California dreaming for sometime now. I may have to email Cassie and pick her brain a bit. Love this guest post so much!!

    • latrina says:

      Dani!! Girl — if you move here to California, you and I get definitely getting together. Road trip, yes!? I would so love to show you all of my favorite places. :)

  8. Cassie says:

    Thanks for having me, Trina! And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. :)

    Dani, definitely shoot me an email if you like!

    • latrina says:

      The pleasure is all mine, Cassie! I absolutely loved your story… and have really enjoyed following along on your adventures ever since you left for California! And — before that, too. :)

  9. Shannon says:

    It seems that every writer has to find the balance between seeking adventure and needing to be at home, processing and thinking and crafting that adventure into a story. I don’t think they’re as conflicting as we think they are, because without living, what stories would you tell? And without taking that time to just be, when would you ever find the time to write?

    I always love to hear about your journey to California, Cassie! (Especially because I made a similar one this year :)) I have travelled all over, but I’ve found the biggest self-discovery moments for me have been when I took a brave leap right here in America. Even exploring my own town can be a revelation!

    • latrina says:

      Shannon! Thanks so much for stopping by. Such an insightful outlook — you’re totally right, too! I really couldn’t agree more with you.

      I don’t think I really started truly living until I made the courageous move from Mississippi to California three years ago. Just thinking about all the revelations + adventures I’ve had since then makes my heart swell! Definitely life changing. xo

      I love your perspective!

  10. Celestine says:

    SUCH A GREAT POST! My boyfriend and I have been debating and planning ( then backing out ) of moving to California. We have so many family members there – both mine and his. It only makes sense to be there. Plus, with his hopes of opening up a food truck and my dream of opening a third-wave coffee shop, moving out West seems to be the general consensus. We’re still working on it. After all, we also need to make calculated risks. But we hope to be moving this year if all goes as planned. Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

  11. Cassie, I can completely relate to being both an adventure seeker and an introverted homebody! I love to socialize and to travel when possible, but I also love quit “me” time and sometimes complain that I don’t get enough of it. I’m finally coming to terms with accepting that it’s ok to be both ways! I’ll be following your blog!

  12. Emily says:

    How lovely! I love her way of telling her story. I recently took a leap of faith and opened my own online jewelry shop! It was scary, but the blogging community was one of the reasons that led to me to take that leap. People who encourage me to follow my dreams, even when I didn’t know how they’d pan out. My husband and I will soon be making another leap, moving to a different state away from family and everything we’ve known for the past 6 years, to pursue both of our dreams. So stay tuned for that ;) Thanks for sharing this, Cassie + Trina!

  13. kylie says:

    whoa! this post like aligns so well with the one i just wrote today! that is fate, i tell you! love it.

  14. Corina says:

    Oh man, that just rings some bells :) Hubby and i are in the process to move abroad very soon as well! Where to, well, that will be a big surprise!
    So nice to meet you Cassie!

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