Jul.07.14 Explore / Into the Sierra Nevada Mountains

I’ve been living in California for three years now and even still — she finds ways to leave me inspired and completely mesmerized.

Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues

Recently some friends and I made our way to the Sierra mountains. You may remember the onslaught of Instagram photos from that day. The entire drive was beautiful, and, with each turn, new landscapes awaited us — ones that I was seeing for the first time. Little did I know that my heart would fall in love with California all over again.

Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues

The weather couldn’t have been any better. Being near to 8,000ft above sea level, the air got thinner and cooler, all while the sun continued to warm our faces. The entire way, I would stick my hands out the window of the car to catch the wind between my fingers.

Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues
Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues

We made sure to stop as often as we could. We didn’t want to miss one view. We stood there, high on the mountains, and inhaled — to experience it. And tried, with all of our might, to hold on to those views for forever.

Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues
Sierra Nevada Mnts by Of Trees and Hues

Over the years, I have acquired a strong love for not only California but nature in it’s entirety. We live in such a beautiful place. No matter what stretch of land you venture, it’s going to be breathtaking. Unique in it’s own little way. And those little experiences and moments will always live with you.

I can definitely say that this day in the Sierra Nevada mountains has become a small yet significant piece to the bigger picture that is me. With out a doubt, I will never forget this day.

Jul.04.14 Weekend Favorites / 16

Happy Friday! My past couple of days have consisted of switching hosting servers, and so while seven years worth (yes, you read that right!) of files were being transfered, I spent quite a bit of time catching up on my favorite blogs. While doing do, I came across so many awesome finds that I just had to share with you. I hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!

Weekend Favorites at Of Trees and Hues

Photo library — My girl Miranti of Pen & Peplum wrote a brilliant blog post about creating a photo library for your blog — because how often have you searched for the perfect imagery to go along with your blog post to no avail? Too long, I’m sure. Miranti came up with an idea of building an archive of your own imagery — and I thought this was such a brilliant idea that I have already started building my own!

Inspire — Who doesn’t love Jen Gotch!? Victoria of SFGirlbyBay recently interviewed Jen and I found it incredibly inspiring. She spoke of her ever-changing passions, pursuing her goals, making big leaps & owning a business. Truly inspiring!

Recipe — It’s no secret how much I love ice cream especially during the hot summers. So, when I came across this recipe for Blueberry & Lavender Ice Cream, I had to save it! I mean, c’mon… perfection, right?

Imagery — Lavender is definitely the theme of this week’s favorites, and this wedding shot in a lavender field is truly beautiful. Can you just imagine how amazing it must’ve smelled?

Body — One of my goals for this month is to create my own body lotion and face mist and so when I saw that Corina had created her own body lotion, I immediately bookmarked it. That girl is all kinds of talented. And the imagery is stunning too! She created a brilliant & soothing conconction that’s perfect for summertime. You gotta try it with me!

Recipe — Helena of Helena La Petite shared a recipe many months ago of a Blueberry Lemon & Almond Cake and I am dying to try it. Just those three ingredients sounds amazing together and how perfect for this summer too!

Reader love — In each Weekend Favorites I give thanks to my amazing readers by choosing two to showcase. You guys are incredible and such a supportive group of people!

This week’s reader love goes to Natasha Linskill & Emily of A Lively Blend! Thank you, lovelies, for being such an incredible part of Of Trees and Hues — you have my heart! If you aren’t following these ladies, you outta be! They’re quite fab.

Have a happy & inspiring weekend, lovely. And to all my friends here in the states, have an awesome + safe Fourth of July! :)

Jul.01.14 “At this Moment” Moodboards / With Friends

I am just blown away by all the wonderful feedback I received about my At This Moment post. It’s part of a new column I started in efforts to be more mindful. In the blog post, I created a mood board by pulling recently pinned images from my Pinterest board — images that I feel as though represented me at this very moment in time.

Needless to say, it was so much fun. So much that I have decided to invite some friends (our lovely sponsors!) over to give it a try. They all pulled images from their Pinterest boards, sent them over and I compiled them into these fun moodboards. Maybe it’s the designer in me, but I’m a visual person — and I find that these images are such beautiful + brilliant representations of who they are… and I am incredibly happy to get to know them in this way! I hope you are too.


Tara is a graphic designer + photographer from Canada who writes and constantly curates inspiration over at her blog, Tara Victoria.



Jun.30.14 Taking care of you

Happy Monday, friends! Over the past year or so, my blog has slowly evolved — and quite frankly, into something I am tremendously proud of. And most of that is because of you. For your love and incredible support and never-ending inspiration. Because of you, I am able to be myself — completely exposed with lack of fear. Thank you, my wonderful friends.


Earlier this year, my husband and I were in a car accident, and since then I have been slowly trying to get back to my normal self. Even though I would love to be able to say I am back at 100 percent, I’m not. I’m not even close. But that’s okay! I am in positive spirits and I know — with time, I will kick ass again. :)

I have recently been taking my health quite seriously. Practicing yoga multiple times a day, eating well and living in a positive mindset. And I definitely feel worlds better mentally. However, my body is taking a little longer to catch up. Because of this, I am taking a two-month leave from my job at the coffee shop.

I’m sad to leave my friends and all my regulars — But I am, quite frankly, ecstatic to have the extra time to take care of myself. To wake up early, set daily routines, walk more, see both the sunrise and sunset, spend more time with friends and my loving husband, and to be completely aware & mindful of how I’m feeling.

Having the opportunity to take time off from work isn’t something everyone has the ability to do. And I am beyond grateful for this. I plan to use this time wisely… I will be devoting a lot more energy towards Of Trees and Hues ( yay! ) and exploring as much as I possibly can.

But more than anything, I will be taking care of myself. And friends, I am just overwhelmingly excited about this prospect.

What are some ways you’re taking better care of yourself? Do you set daily routines or have certain time set aside of the day just for you? I’d love to hear!

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Jun.27.14 Between Lenses / 06 “Dream”

Okay! Can I just say how incredibly fun this month’s Between Lenses was? Capturing the essence of a “dream” is something both Tara and myself knew would be challenging… but fun! And man, was it fun.

Between Lenses with Tara Victoria & Of Trees and Hues
Imagery by Of Trees and Hues

A dream, in the literal sense, is a collection of images, ideas and emotions all involuntarily intertwined. The whole idea has always fascinated me. I remember as a child I would try so hard to remember my dreams, now I can easily wake recollecting a dozen fanciful dreams I’ve had the night before.

I am definitely a dreamer — in every aspect of the word. And with such a unique + challenging theme as this, I definitely wanted to do my best to capture what I feel as though a dream truly is — a whirlwind of imagery, emotion and movement.

Whimsical, layers, texture and softness — I knew these are the elements I wanted my photograph to have. The entire shooting process was so much fun and consisted of techniques I have never used before. One of which involved honey droplets against a window pane. No kidding! That’s the orange color you see in the left corner, an incredibly close up of a honey droplet. I’m telling you, I had almost too much fun with this one! And that’s what I love about this series, it really gives you the opportunity to do absolutely anything. To be creative and try new things.

To really bring to life the imagery that’s floating around in your head.

For me, my photograph, is a close up of something much, much bigger — however, sometimes in our dreams we don’t always see the full picture, and I find that pretty intriguing!

Imagery by Tara Victoria

After Tara and I choose our theme, we don’t tell one another our concept ideas or what we’re planning on shooting — and I think that’s what makes it so much fun. So when Tara sent over her photo, I immediately got chill bumps. This girl is incredibly hard working and I just love that dream truly represented her and her aspirations. I am so unbelievably proud & happy for her and just love ( love! ) her space. It’s just perfect — and truly Tara.

Be sure to visit Tara Victoria to see exactly what the word “dream” means to her and how her work space represents that. It’s truly an inspiring story!

Tara and I had such an incredible time capturing what we feel as though “dream” represents to us — and we’d love for you to join us! You can easily link up with us via the following steps:

1. Create your blog post and feel free to use the header image in which you can download here.
2. Copy your blog post’s url.
3. Notice where it says Click here to enter — click that and follow the easy instructions. Be sure to only link up with one of our blogs, not both. No worries — since mine and Tara’s blogs are interlinked, your blog post will show up on both!
4. And for fun, you can share your photo on Instagram & Twitter using the #BetweenLenses hashtag.

Our goal for this collaboration is to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers. And we hope that you’re one of them!

The up & coming Between Lenses themes:

For those of you who have been participating ( and those who plan to! ) Tara and I have went ahead and scheduled out the next few month’s worth of themes. They’re goodies!

no. 07 Tuesday, July 15th // Movement
no. 08 Tuesday, August 12th // Symmetry
no. 09 Tuesday, September 9th // Silence

All imagery + design are created solely by oftreesandhues and should not be used for personal or commercial use without consent. Thank you!
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