Oct.20.14 Invest in those who invest in you

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Hi, friends! I’ve invited my good friend, Tori of Tori’s Tales, over and we have something quite special to share with you today. Tori has a regular column entitled Tori’s Quotes where she chooses a quote that resonates with her and invites friends over to share what it means to them as well. It’s an incredibly beautiful way of getting to know one another and I’ve been a great fan of her series since the beginning. And so, I’m so thrilled to have Tori over here sharing one of her favorite quotes with you. They’re words that resonate so much with the both of us:

Tori: Trina and I both often talk of our love for the blogging community, so who better to quote than a blogger for today’s collaboration?

“Invest in people who invest in you”
wise words from Alison of The Alison Show

The longer I have spent surrounding myself with the blog community members I connect with frequently, the more I have come to realize just how much this communication and the building of those relationships matters, not only to me as a blogger, but also to the Tori, the me, behind my tales. I have often found myself having conversations with people offline and when I mention that I blog, the utterance is often met with a little confusion, or surprise; things have still yet to take off in the outside world, so it’s easy to feel a little isolated, and as a result, cautionary when talking to those who don’t really understand blogging.

Online, though, the majority of the friendships I have forged have been with other bloggers — each of whom understand what it takes to create and maintain an online space — and I’ve found that the more I spend time talking to them the more positive the impact not only on my space, but on me personally. Showing someone support — reading their blog, commenting on posts, or sending a “hello” across twitter (which is where my social media preference lies!) — often means support in return; a tweet of “how are you?” back, a mention in a post, a comment dedicated to their love for what you’ve written. This world benefits from each person who takes the time and invests their energy in other people who are a part of it, for that is how our community grows. It is so important that we navigate blogging as a two-way street; in doing so — in offering support, and sharing your love for what others have shared — the benefits reaped are indescribable; for example, I wouldn’t be here today talking to you if it weren’t for the mutual support Trina and I offer each other.

I am constantly striving to be a better member of the community — it’s a huge part of my life, and something I deeply love investing time in. The community — and all of those who contribute — is well worth my effort.

Trina: It’s no secret just how much this community of ours means to me. Since creating Of Trees and Hues nearly two years ago, I have met more people who share my same passions than I thought was possible. For so long, I have shared my love for blogging with people who, like Tori mentioned, just don’t understand it. And often times, it can leave me feeling crushed and pondering whether or not my passions and goals were important.

So when I found this incredible and supportive creative community, I was elated. I felt a sense of belonging, and more importantly, a kinship. It’s a truly wonderful feeling to connect with someone who is just as excited and thrilled about the same things that you are. It is almost as if I have stumbled upon this secret society, one that is so incredibly loving, supportive and passionate… and as I write this, I’ve realized society may not be the most accurate word.

Family is.

And that’s exactly what our creative community is — a family. A group of people who support, love and encourage one another. And, like Tori, that’s why I invest so much in them. In you. The good morning tweets, emails wishing you a happy weekend or little surprises in your mailbox are simply my thank yous, because I’m just so incredibly fortunate and thankful to know you.

Tori and I would love to hear what this quote means to you. Join our bloghop and create your own blog post sharing what these words conjure within you. Once your post is written, share it with us using the link below.

Oct.17.14 Memory Keeping / Documenting Life’s Adventures

Memory Keeping via Of Trees and Hues

I have something to confess, guys. I must have nearly ( if not more than ) 50,000 digital photos on various hard drives. It’s no secret that I take a lot ( a lot! ) of photos, but for the life of me, I rarely ever print them. I suppose it’s the down side of the digital world — we experience, we capture, but rarely do we have copies of those special moments in our lives that we can hold in our hands. And it’s a shame, because it was my grandmother’s old and tattered photo albums that sparked my passion for photography. And so, after years of thinking about it, I have finally begun to create photo albums. And not just albums — but beautiful, visual stories that I can cherish for many, many years to come. And that thought makes my heart happy!

Ronnie, a dear blogging friend of mine, is such a wonderful memory keeper. I met her many years ago, well before Of Trees and Hues was ever born, and I’ve been inspired ever since. She has a way to capture life’s most beautiful and fleeting moments and document them so elegantly into photo journals. Ever since stumbling upon her blog, Pink Ronnie ( now a The Shoemaker’s Daughter ) I have been hooked, I have been mesmerized, and I have been completely inspired again and again. After all, as a photographer and someone who thoroughly enjoys life in all of its glory, I want to relive the big and the small moments, I want to keep them and share them.

Memory Keeping via Of Trees and Hues
Memory Keeping via Of Trees and Hues

Ronnie, together with photographer Trish of Tealily Photography, have given the world of memory keeping a breath of fresh air. The two have started Life:Captured, a modern school of memory keeping, where they host workshops and teach online courses about everything from organizing your photos to designing your own photo albums. I mean, they cover absolutely everything! — and I think, especially if you’re following along with the Photography 101 series, you will benefit so much from their extensive knowledge and tools. I must have purchased almost all of their templates, too, and with them I was able to design the first spread of my photo album — and I can’t tell you how much I love it! Seeing my photographs, and even having the space to journal and share thoughts about that afternoon in the mountains, was amazing and makes my heart happy.

Life Captured

I am so thrilled about this, friends, that I’ve created an entirely new column entitled “Memory Keeping” because I know I will be sharing more here with you! There’s just something so beautiful about capturing special moments in our lives and sharing them with others… to keep and enjoy from years and years to come. The entire process is incredibly dear to my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

If you find memory keeping as beautiful as I do, I think you’ll really love to know that the gals at Life:Captured are giving away the ultimate memory keeping package. In celebration of launching their site, they’re giving one special person a spot in three of their online classes, unlimited template designs, a 12-month subscription to Fete Press, the first issue of Alphabet Family Journal, as well as a copy of their exclusive Life:Captured workshop booklet! And the timing is perfect since the holidays are coming up — and if you’re anything like me… lots and lots of photos will be taken.


Details: Giveaway will be ending on October 19th at 10pm EST and open to international readers!

Do you enjoy memory keeping and preserving those special moments in your life? We’d love to chat and hear about your process! Or maybe get a little peek into your own album. :)

Oct.15.14 Recipe / Autumn Sangria

Autumn Sangria | Of Trees and Hues

I have had so much fun crafting cocktails lately that I just had to share one of my favorites with you today! The Autumn Sangria — a simple yet beautiful cocktail perfect for this time of the year. Its incredible flavor and aromatics have helped me bring in the new season — the summer heat is still holding on here in California, but having a sip of this instantly takes me to a place filled with colorful falling leaves, scarves, and staying warm by a fire. You’ll love it!

Autumn Sangria | Of Trees and Hues
Autumn Sangria | Of Trees and Hues
Autumn Sangria | Of Trees and Hues

Autumn Sangria
generously serves four

1 bottle of your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine
1 can of ginger ale
2 apples
2 oranges
1 large sprig of rosemary
4 cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoon of whole cloves

Thinly slice the fruit and combine with the rest of the ingredients into a large pitcher. Stir the mixture, cover, and place in the fridge. Allow to chill for at least four hours. Once ready to serve, pour into your favorite glass and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

For fun cocktail parties, pair with your favorite appetizers and dress up with any one of Nell & Mary’s gorgeous napkins! The windmill pattern, especially with that beautiful mint color, is one of absolute favorites.

This twist on a summer drink is perfect as we start heading into fall — it’s crisp, refreshing, and damn tasty. I know you’ll love it too!

Oct.13.14 The Creative Collective Giveaway

The Creative Collective Giveaway

I have never been so excited to share something with you guys as I am today! I’m collaborating with two of my dear friends, Corina and Jessica, to share all about our favorite shops with you! As a spin-off of the Creative Collective series, we’re celebrating the creatives that inspire us — and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be teaming up with 45 Wall Design, Primecut Bags and Lint & Honey to not only get a little peek into the creative minds of these shop owners but to also offer you a chance to win some pretty rad gifts!

45 Wall Design on Of Trees and Hues

I’ve known Traci of 45 Wall Design for almost a year now and there’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t completely blow my mind between her brilliant designs, compassion, drive, and heart. She’s such an incredible inspiration to me and I’m truly honored to be featuring and teaming up with her today in this fun collaborative giveaway. Everyone, meet the loveliness that is Traci!

Where does your inspiration for geometric and concrete designs originate from?

One thing that always drew me to graphic design was the requirement of order and rules (of course once you know the rules, you can go about breaking them… as long as it makes sense). I think the same draws me to geometric shapes. I love the order and simplicity of the lines and applying that to concrete seemed very logical to me, since concrete can be easily molded and shaped. I love the weight of a geometric concrete object in my hands and the crispness of the lines that can be achieved.

What do you enjoy most about working with concrete?

Well, it can be really fickle and frustrating at times… But I do love the versatility of it. I really love that I can take something that is not usually considered “beautiful”… that is utilitarian and rough by nature… and make something delicate and beautiful out of it.

45 Wall Design on Of Trees and Hues

What does your work process look like?

It all starts with the molds. I usually make them out of paper, but I have recently been trying to make silicon molds so I can mass produce everything a bit easier. Then I make small batches in my kitchen, let everything cure, then its on to sanding, painting, and sealing. I put a lot of sweat and muscle into each piece and it’s so gratifying to see the finished product.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your line of work?

When the concrete behaves. haha! I really love seeing my products in customers hands. Seeing how they style and use it. And seeing people be surprised at what concrete can do. I also love getting to think up new ideas and figure out how to make them work. Any excuse to get my hands dirty.

What is your dream project?

That’s a great question! Right now I’d really love to get more of my concrete goods into shops and work from there. I also have some non concrete projects in the works and I think getting my kids travel kits fully realized and out in the world would be the dream.

Traci has graciously contributed two of her ring bowls and a pair of raw concrete gems to a lucky reader! And there’s more, so much more! — Corina and Jessica are also featuring their favorite shops with you today, so be sure to peruse their blogs to discover more about the brilliant creatives behind Primecut Bags and Lint & Honey and the amazing gifts they’re giving away to one of you!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The details: This giveaway will be running through until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, October 27th and is open to international readers. Remember, the more entries you complete, the better chance of winning!

Oct.10.14 “At This Moment” Moodboards / With Friends

What’s more fun and therapeutic than putting together a moodboard? Especially one that represents you at this very moment in time. It’s a visual story about you, and I think that’s incredible. I recently shared my own moodboard but today I’m inviting some lovely friends over to share their own with you!

At this moment Moodboard

Sam is a Sydney, Australia based graphic and web designer and shares her love for design and living a creative life over at Sam Bell Creative.


At this moment Moodboard

Traci is a San Francisco based designer who specializes in concrete home wares, quality paper goods, and freelance graphic design work.



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