May.08.15 A Happy Mother’s Day to our angel Mothers


Leave it to Mother’s Day to inspire me to write. During this time of the year, there’s a heavy amount of thoughts and memories streaming through my heart and I wanted to share a few with you today.

It’s been twelve years since I lost my mother to cancer. I miss her deeply each and every day. She was a wonderful woman — strong, ridiculously funny and always had a great outlook on life. And one hell of a mother to her five children. We were her everything, and she ours.

For those of you who have also lost their mother, these words are for you: Let’s celebrate the women that they were and the strength and life they still continue to be for us. There is no love like a mothers. It’s unwavering and ever-flowing. She’s with you, this weekend, as she has continued to be throughout your entire life. She’s the warmth you feel from the sun and the cool breeze in the early mornings. She’s the flicker in your eyes and the comfort in your heart. Just know that she never wanted to leave you and that she would want nothing more than to see you smile. So let’s celebrate the life they lived here on earth and the never-ending love they shared. For mothers are remarkable beings.

Happy Mother’s Day, friends. Whether your mother is in heaven or here on earth, let her know how much she means to you! And how much she fills your heart. For there is no one in this world like her.

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Mar.25.15 An unexpected break

Hello, friends. I know my presence here on the blog has been a little spotty these past few months. And will most likely continue to be so, so I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know why.

I’m back here in Tennessee after some complications following my uncle’s heart surgery. His health drastically began to decline recently and things were looking quite grim. He was put on life support after having a stroke. His lungs were failing. Things were just not looking good. We were on the verge of saying our goodbyes when yesterday morning things began to get better. It’s been good news after the next.

He has been unresponsive since the stroke… unable to move, speak, blink, anything. Until yesterday, after being asked questions he began to nod and shake his head. Who knew just a simple movement could be so life changing. So powerful. To the point that even the nurses were in tears.

As rocky and challenging this past week has been, I’m so glad that I’m able to be here. To be with my family and most importantly, my uncle. What a brave, brave man.

This week has been a world wind but things are slowly improving. Our hopes are high. And the only word that seems to resonate inside all of our hearts is miracle. My uncle has truly inspired me, and even though there’s such a long road ahead. I finally feel hopeful.

So, that’s where I am now — with family. Feeling hopeful and warm after many weeks of dread and anxiety. I’m taking the next couple of weeks off, and just wanted to let you amazing people know that I’m still just an email or tweet away.

And thank you. From the bottom of my heart — thank you. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and love you all have given me and my family. I can’t begin to express how powerful your positivity and good thoughts have been! You have really made a miracle happen.

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Mar.12.15 Creative Collective / Jennifer Snyder of Prompt Club

The Creative Collective | Jennifer of Prompt Club

I’m so thrilled to have the lovely Jennifer Snyder over on the blog today. She’s an absolute powerhouse who is currently doing it all! You may know her from her podcast series Creating Your Own Path or her ever-inspiring presence on Clementine Daily.

I’ve been a long time follower of Jennifer’s work and am so inspired by the wonderful things she’s doing for the creative community. She recently launched the Prompt Club, an e-course focused on getting you in touch with your inner writer by jump-starting your journaling practice.

I have invited Jennifer over to give more insight about what Prompt Club is as well as to share her own journaling experience. As a blogger and someone who’s been journaling since I was a young girl, I am incredibly inspired by Jennifer’s story, and I think you will be too.

Who is Jennifer Snyder and what are some of the things that inspire you?

Gosh… who is Jennifer Snyder? Great question! I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend and dog mom. I share stories about life, creativity and adventure for a living and try to help others do the same.

I get enormous amounts of inspiration from nature. Being outside is, for lack of a better phrase, my jam. It’s where I’m the most at peace and time spent outside really fills up my well when I’m feeling low. I’m also surrounded by a group of amazing women who are also running their own businesses and they are always inspiring me in some way. I feel like in the creative space we all have a lot to learn from each other and being with those who openly share their trials and successes is really important to me.

What is Prompt Club and how did the idea come about?

Prompt Club is an 8-week journaling course designed to help people jumpstart a regular writing practice. Whether people already have a journaling practice and they just need to mix things up or they’ve always wanted to journal but have trouble getting started, this course can help.

Sitting down with a pen and paper can be a really intimidating act. I have trouble getting out of my own way every time I start to write. So, I wanted to create a course that offers a bit of guidance for those of us who need a little push.

Journaling has become a place where I can sort of download all of the messy (good and bad) things life sends my way. As a writer, however, I tend to self-edit before I even begin. That sort of defeats the purpose. I’ve had to be very intentional about giving myself the space to write poorly. My journal entries are almost always full of errors–I try really hard to let go of standard grammar and just let my hand write whatever my brain wants to unpack. Sometimes I get lucky and end up with something good and that I can use for a larger purpose. Other times I just work through whatever’s on my mind and then tuck it away.

Mar.11.15 Between Lenses / 14 “Saturdays”

Between Lenses | Of Trees and Hues
Between Lenses | Of Trees and Hues

Saturdays are, for many reasons, my absolute favorite day of the week. Being that it’s my husband’s only day off, we spend the entire day together — and the day always revolves around coffee.

I find myself eager to wake up the moment the sun begins to peer in through the bedroom window. Chris reluctantly begs for more sleep — and so I let him. I enjoy an early morning yoga session, take a hot shower and then slowly nudge Chris until he awakes. However, he’d disagree and say I annoy him until he wakes. :)

We spend most of the morning in the kitchen, cooking a homemade breakfast. Chris starts grinding and brewing coffee while I tidy up the kitchen. Over quiche or pancakes, cups in hand, we sit at the table chatting and re-telling one another the weird dreams we had the previous night. His are usually the weirdest.

Saturday afternoons are probably my favorite because they’re usually just us, no pressures… lounging around the house listening to music on the record player or wandering into to a local thrift shop, just to peruse.

We wrap up our Saturday evenings with a coffee date at a local cafe. I love these moments and look forward to them all week. We sit and talk… deeply. About life, our future, our dreams and our aspirations. It’s one of the most rewarding and fulfilling moments… and for me, the perfect way to begin the weekend.

Between Lenses | Tara Victoria

I can’t help but feel so cozy when looking at Tara’s photograph. I can only imagine how lovely and comforting her Saturdays must be! I mean — just look at that bedding! I could easily spend all day there. Be sure to hop over at Tara Victoria and see exactly how Tara spends her Saturdays, and more importantly, why they’re so meaningful for her.

This is a blophop! — Tara and I hope that you, too, will join us and share your imagery with us. You can easily link up with us via the following steps:

1. Create your blog post and feel free to use the header image in which you can download here.
2. Notice where it says Click here to enter — click that and follow the easy instructions.
3. And for fun, you can share your photo on Instagram and Twitter using the #BetweenLenses hashtag.

Our goal for this collaboration is to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers. And we hope that you’re one of them!

The up & coming Between Lenses themes:
no. 15 May 6th — Simplicity

Feb.26.15 Style / the observant wayfarer ( and mixtape )

Get the look | Of Trees and Hues

With the weather starting to warm up here in California, I am aching to get outdoors — a solo photo-adventure is definitely in the near future! What you may not know ( or maybe you do! ) is that I absolutely love listening to music while exploring — whether it be the coast, woods or city. The observant wayfarer series is a good example of that! Music has the ability to completely change my perspective. It allows me to see the world a bit differently, letting me focus on the beautiful details.

When I’m trying to capture city life, I need solid over-the-ear headphones that look great with killer sound and great construction. When I came across Frends, I become enamored! The headphone collection is gorgeous, but the thing that really hooked me was the ability to change the headphone caps, customizing them to fit whatever look I’m going for. Ingenious! Until I found Frends, I felt like I had to choose between style, comfort, sound, and durability, but they stand up to intense shooting sessions with ease. And, when paired with some comfortable jeans and a loose tee, I can get lost in the moment and capture some gorgeous shots without having to worry about distractions.

Get the look:

dark skinny jeans + white jersey top by h&m
rose taylor headphones by Frends
the bowery camera bag by ONA
copper and wool necklace by myLifebox

As you may know, I create playlists for every occasion. I like to compile Bloggers’ Mixtapes regularly, but I also have a private collection that I use for inspiration while I’m shooting for fun. When I roam around the city, focusing on upbeat, lively music helps me to capture the vibrancy of urban life and lets me pay closer attention to the little things that can easily get lost in the shuffle of the hustle-and-bustle. Here’s a fun mix for whether you’re wandering around the city or just needing a good pick me up:

01. Science will Save Us — Exxasens
02. Canoe — Small Black
03. This Ladder is Ours — The Joy Formidable
04. Morning — Beck
05. Santa Fe — Beirut
06. It’s Alright Now — Bombay Bicycle Club
07. Avalanche — Walk the Moon
08. Funny Heartbeat — Kisses
09. All the Sand in all the Sea — Devotchka
10. Flesh and Bone — The Killers

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