Dec.15.14 Why I’ll be taking a blogging break

This is probably one of the most toughest blog posts I’ve ever written. I’ve must’ve stared at this screen for hours. I’m not sure how to begin let alone what words to use. So, I’ll just speak from the heart.

My Grandma has been ill these past few months and it wasn’t until earlier this week that we found out she has cancer — even that word is difficult to type. I lost my mother a little over a decade ago to that same beast and to know that my grandmother is going through the same torment that she had to watch her daughter go through… it just breaks my heart.

She is the strongest woman I have ever known and has influenced my life in more ways than she will ever know. It goes without saying that I need to be there with her. I’m flying out to Tennessee today and will most likely stay until late January. I am bringing along my camera and laptop in hopes to blog here and there, but I can’t make myself promise to do so. I will try my best to keep up with you all, and reply to emails and messages when I can. If you need to get a hold of me, twitter may be the quickest route.

P.S. The Between Lenses giveaway I mentioned last week has been postponed. Tara and I will launch it as soon as I return!

* * *

I can’t finish this blog post without saying thank you to all of those who have shared your hearts with my family — the love and encouraging words and thoughts over these past few days have been truly heartwarming. You bunch are the best and I could not be luckier to have readers & friends like you. Thank you.

P.S.S. Wow, I am blown away by the love and warm thoughts left in the comments section. I am utterly grateful for all of you and I can not begin to tell you how much your words have encouraged not only me, but my entire family. I think the idea of having people, literally on every stretch of this world, thinking of my grandmother definitely lifts her spirits… and truly blows her away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

( image source: For the Love of the South )

Dec.12.14 Instagram Inspiration / 03

Winter Instagrammers | Of Trees and Hues

I’ve found myself completely mesmerized by a few Instagram feeds lately — imagery of white mountains, snow covered trees and gorgeous fog. Winter is in full force and I am absolutely loving it. The most we get in Sacramento is a few inches of rain, so I am feeling a bit of wanderlust lately.

How amazing are these images though? I didn’t intend for most of them to be of mountains — but who am I kidding, I’m obsessed with them!

Follow and be inspired:
moneal / scottcbakken / griffinlamb / alexstrohl / brenleo / annecynn

* * *

Are there any Instagram feeds you’re currently enamored with? Winter-inspired or not, I’d love to see! And if you like, you can pop over to my feed and say hello. Have a happy weekend, friends!

Dec.10.14 Between Lenses / 12 “Reflection”

Imagery by Of Trees and Hues

I can’t believe this is the last Between Lenses post of the year. And what a year of imagery it has been too. I have enjoyed everyone’s company who has joined us in this project and absolutely can not wait to continue it into the new year.

Tara and I thought Reflection would be the perfect theme to end this year on — as it expresses so much. The photograph I chose is the view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from Treasure Island. My husband and I were on our way back home from a trip in the mountains, and decided to take a little detour. It was an absolutely gorgeous day — the clouds were out in full force and completely blanketed the sky. We sat along the shore for what seemed like hours, watching the waves and clouds make their passage.

Dec.08.14 An update / The past two weeks

This is my first blog post in two weeks. Two weeks. That thought both frightens and saddens me. Shortly after Thanksgiving, I caught a terrible flu and have felt, well, quite lousy. For the past couple of years, Of Trees and Hues has been a creative outlet for me — a place to share stories, photographs, memories and the like. And with out it, I have felt completely lost.

Instead of spiraling into a depression, because being without the things you love can do that to you — I instead immersed myself in other things that I enjoy. Fantasy stories and movies such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games and even catching up on some of the documentaries I’ve had saved in my Netflix queue. In the beginning it was a distraction, a way to keep me from worrying about the things I didn’t feel well enough to do — like drafting blog posts and catching up on social media. But in a way, it was also a way to inspire me.

I spent a majority on my time resting on the couch, immersed in creative and inspiring stories, while outside my window, the leaves from the withered and towering trees were pouring down. It was completely mesmerizing.

It has always been so difficult for me to let go of the things that aren’t in my control — I am slowly learning to be in the moment. To be mindful and aware. And to simply make the best of the circumstances.

These past two weeks have been a quite a learning experience for me, and despite what lead me there, I’m incredibly grateful for it — I am refreshed and just brimming with new ideas. And so happy to be back!

* * *

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience and kindness. I am overwhelmed by the love I have received from comments, emails and letters. I truly have the most wonderful group of readers and I have missed you all. So much.

( image source, Lily )

Nov.25.14 At this Moment / November

At This Moment | Of Trees and Hues

The past couple of weeks have been a little tough for me, as you may have noticed from the shortish of blog posts this month. Sometimes, despite how positive we are, we have those days — the ones where you lack motivation and would much rather be under a blanket watching a marathon of your favorite show than doing anything productive. Raising Hope in my case.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to allow our bodies to rest. And so, that’s what I did. And now I’m back, completely reenergized and eager to be blogging again. This month, and maybe it has to do with starting fresh, but I’m enamored by simplicity and white. I think keeping things clean and streamline makes me more happy. More motivated. And that’s what this month represents to me.

At this moment, I am…

Listening to the Another Language album by This Will Destroy You, one of my favorite instrumental bands.

Inspired by talented artisans specializing in homemade goods, such as Herbivore Botanicals and The Object Enthusiast. How gorgeous and on point is their branding, by the way!?

Learning to live a simplistic life, one filled with all the people and things that make my heart happy.

Reminiscing about the many family traditions I had while growing up and vowing to do the same whenever I have children of my own.

Enjoying the extra time I have with my husband because of the holiday season!

Loving the new arrangement of my living area and the retro side table filled with all my favorite things — candles, the Kinfolk collection and 45 Wall Design coasters. The room is so much more inviting now and I can’t help but feel more cozy and inspired.

Reading the Life:Captured Project, a series of prompts for both the writer and photography enthusiasts. Love this beautiful concept!

Wanting Thanksgiving day to arrive. Homemade dinner cooked by my husband and I, decorating the house with Christmas decorations and ending the day with a walk around the city. Can not wait, people!

Working on a blog revamp for Of Trees and Hues as well as a blogger collaboration for the new year!

These posts are always so therapeutic for me, and I couldn’t think of a better way to get back to blogging than with an At This Moment post. I’ve missed you guys and can not wait to hear of all the wonderful things happening at this moment for you!

PS Two days left to enter our giveaway to win a $50 giftcard to Thatch & Thistle — my favorite packaging & gift supply shop. I also sat down to chat with the owner, Brynne, and you can read the interview here.

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