Oct.31.14 Style / Obsessing over BLK DNM

Once the weather starts to cool down and fall approaches, I ransack my closet, storing away all of my summer clothing. It’s such a therapeutic feeling too. And the best part — I can now fill it with all the fun clothing of autumn and winter!

And during the cool months, you can bet I will be wearing a leather jacket. There’s just something comforting and daring about it that is too hard to pass up! Over the years, I’ve searched high and low for the perfect leather jacket — I’ve even settled for a few, but nothing has been the one, until I saw this blue number. The gorgeous blue leather jacket from BLK DNM is absolutely stunning. The classic style, slim fit and the color are calling my name like nothing else!

Actually, I’ve been pretty obsessed with the entire BLK DNM collection lately. I like versatility in my closet, and the timelessness of denim & leather can be styled in so many different ways. My favorite look right now is pairing a leather jacket with charcoal jeans, a simple tailored tee, and a little personal touch with black and gold accessories. Simple, elegant, and fun!

Get the look:

blue leather jacket + white tank + denim jeans by BLK DNM
arrowstack necklace by Madewell
the jane watch by Feral Watches

Oct.29.14 DIY / Autumn Aromas

Autumn Aromas via Of Trees and Hues

I just love this time of the year. Crisp cool air, rainy days and being snuggled in doors with a good book — or in my case lately, several episodes of Gilmore Girls. What makes these cozy days even better are aroma simmer pots — scents of Autumn flowing through the house, there’s nothing better!

And I’m sharing a few recipes with you today over on my friend’s Anna-Rosa’s blog, myLifebox! They’re incredibly easy to make and will leave your home smelling amazing. Hop on over to myLifebox to get the recipes!

Oct.27.14 Q&A with Whitney English & Day Designer giveaway!

Day Designer via Of Trees and Hues

My Day Designer has definitely made several appearances over the past few months — It has completely changed the way I work and has been the main inspiration in creating balance in my life. It has not only increased my productivity, but as helped streamline my life ( which I love! ) and it’s cute to boot. It’s a planner, editorial calender and life coach all in one!

Whitney English, the mastermind and creator of the Day Designer, is a gal full of so much inspiration and heart. I have been following her for awhile and I’m amazed by all the incredible things she is doing to help improve the lives and productivity of us creatives. I am beyond thrilled to have her over today sharing insight on how the Day Designer came to life as well as tips and advice on living a well-designed life. And the icing on the cake… Whitney is graciously giving away a black 2015 Day Designer to a lucky reader!

Who is Whitney English and what are some of the things that make your heart sing?

Whitney English is a believer in authenticity, growth and grace and gratitude, who strives on a daily basis to just love. Things that make my heart sing: my kids ( when they aren’t making my brain scream, ha! ), my favorite pens ( Pilot G-2 ), cozy days and warm pajamas, a bubble bath, a date night with my sweet husband, a good book, a workshop with other creatives.

Whitney English on Of Trees and Hues

The Day Designer has become incredibly popular among the blogging community. What inspired you to create it?

Frankly, I created Day Designer to solve my own organizational frustrations. It was the first planner of it’s kind, featuring a two-column page: one for to-dos and the other for the daily schedule. I definitely still can’t claim to be perfectly organized, but Day Designer definitely helps keep me on track, helps me find focus, and helps me create balance in my life.

How do you, personally, use the Day Designer to manage your own creative life?

In the morning, I try to look at my Day Designer before I look at my phone. If I look at my phone, I’m opening my day up to distractions, and everything that happened on Instagram while I was asleep. :) If I look at my Day Designer, I can take a few minutes to put some order to my day. I actually use my iCal with my Day Designer. So if I haven’t made out my schedule for the day yet, I’ll hop over to my digital calendar and pull those elements into my day. Then, I’ll look at my to-do list, and try to cross off stuff that just doesn’t matter. And lastly, I’ll try to set a focus for the day by defining three tasks that need to get done. Throughout the day, I’ll try to use my Day Designer to make notes, as well–so many of my pages look very scribble-y! And last but not least, yes, I am one of those people who will do something, and then write it down, just to put a check mark beside it. Check marks make my heart sing, too!

Day Designer via Of Trees and Hues

Do you have any tips and/or advice for others to fully take advantage of everything the Day Designer has to offer?

The most important tip I would give you is to forgive yourself. If you don’t use your Day Designer daily, it’s fine. If you still use a digital calendar, it’s fine. If you’re religious about it, and you’re writing stuff down the first thing every morning, it’s fine. One of the things I love about Day Designer is it’s flexibility. You can use the boxes and sections on the page for whatever fits your lifestyle best. It’s like a calendar that gives your life a flexible framework to work and adapt. So don’t be afraid to write in it, don’t be disappointed in yourself if you don’t use it every day. At the very least, use it if you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed–it’ll work wonders.

Day Designer via Of Trees and Hues

What motivates you to continue creating beautiful things to help the creative community live enriched and productive lives?

I had to laugh when I read this question, because the answer is actually my own disorganization! I love creating systems and processes that solve problems for people, and sometimes the best way to solve problems for others is to fix your own. I still fight disorganization, so as I discover tools that help me streamline and add beauty to my own life, I’ll definitely be excited to roll those out and share them with the Day Designer community.

As such an inspiring & creative entrepreneur, do you have any advice for those of us who are also following our passions?

Yes. I would tell you not to follow your passions. :) Follow yours strengths, your gifts, your innate abilities. Follow growth, and learning and always trying to be a better version of yourself. Follow wisdom and gratitude and humble confidence. I personally believe that following your passions leads to burnout, and that passions are better reserved to refuel and re-energize you. My passions are sacred, and are things that I turn to when I just can’t handle life throwing anything else at me. (For example: chopping onions. I love to make a mean Italian red sauce.) There’s a huge trend in creative entrepreneurship that says if you follow your passions, you’ll be happy. On a personal note, I’m not looking for happiness. I’m looking for fulfillment, and I only think that comes from making a difference in the world around us. And that’s my mission, not my passion.

So many thanks to Whitney for sharing her insight and thoughts with us! I am so excited and can’t wait to hear how you would use your Day Designer. Enter the giveaway below and remember, the more entries you complete, the better chance of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The details: This giveaway will be running through until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, November 3rd and is open to US residents only. The winner will randomly be chosen and contacted within 48 hours after the end of the giveaway.

Oct.24.14 Memory Keeping with Ronnie of LIFE:CAPTURED Inc

Life:Captured on Of Trees and Hues

I’m thrilled to share with you my chat with Ronnie of LIFE:CAPTURED Inc with you today. I received such amazingly kind feedback on my recent post on memory keeping, and so I asked Ronnie, the very woman who inspired me, over to share some of her insight and wisdom with us — of memory keeping and how to beautifully preserve our stories to cherish for years and years to come.

Let’s start from the beginning. Who is Ronnie and what inspires her?

A graphic designer by trade, my first loves are writing, photography and memory keeping. For twelve years, I authored the blog Pink Ronnie, where I shared daily posts about memory keeping, photography, organisation and family life. I now blog at The Shoemaker’s Daughter, a personal memoir named after my mother, and I am also the main author of our LIFE:CAPTURED Inc blog, Preserve Your Story.

Life:Captured on Of Trees and Hues

Prior to co-founding LIFE:CAPTURED Inc, I worked in marketing for an international company before taking the plunge and starting and managing my own commercial design studio. I did this for seven years — the experience was priceless as it taught me so much about running a creative business. A couple of years ago, I decided it was time to move on and to start again from a blank slate. I’m very blessed to live on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, with my husband Rick and four of our five little boys. Memory keeping is part of my DNA. I can’t seem to live life without needing to document it as well; I do it for my own sake and for my family’s sake. I am inspired by beautiful writing and honest photography, and have a particular soft spot for film photography and evocative imagery that transports me to another place, another time.

Oct.20.14 Invest in those who invest in you

Imagery by Of Trees and Hues

Hi, friends! I’ve invited my good friend, Tori of Tori’s Tales, over and we have something quite special to share with you today. Tori has a regular column entitled Tori’s Quotes where she chooses a quote that resonates with her and invites friends over to share what it means to them as well. It’s an incredibly beautiful way of getting to know one another and I’ve been a great fan of her series since the beginning. And so, I’m so thrilled to have Tori over here sharing one of her favorite quotes with you. They’re words that resonate so much with the both of us:

Tori: Trina and I both often talk of our love for the blogging community, so who better to quote than a blogger for today’s collaboration?

“Invest in people who invest in you”
wise words from Alison of The Alison Show

The longer I have spent surrounding myself with the blog community members I connect with frequently, the more I have come to realize just how much this communication and the building of those relationships matters, not only to me as a blogger, but also to the Tori, the me, behind my tales. I have often found myself having conversations with people offline and when I mention that I blog, the utterance is often met with a little confusion, or surprise; things have still yet to take off in the outside world, so it’s easy to feel a little isolated, and as a result, cautionary when talking to those who don’t really understand blogging.

Online, though, the majority of the friendships I have forged have been with other bloggers — each of whom understand what it takes to create and maintain an online space — and I’ve found that the more I spend time talking to them the more positive the impact not only on my space, but on me personally. Showing someone support — reading their blog, commenting on posts, or sending a “hello” across twitter (which is where my social media preference lies!) — often means support in return; a tweet of “how are you?” back, a mention in a post, a comment dedicated to their love for what you’ve written. This world benefits from each person who takes the time and invests their energy in other people who are a part of it, for that is how our community grows. It is so important that we navigate blogging as a two-way street; in doing so — in offering support, and sharing your love for what others have shared — the benefits reaped are indescribable; for example, I wouldn’t be here today talking to you if it weren’t for the mutual support Trina and I offer each other.

I am constantly striving to be a better member of the community — it’s a huge part of my life, and something I deeply love investing time in. The community — and all of those who contribute — is well worth my effort.

Trina: It’s no secret just how much this community of ours means to me. Since creating Of Trees and Hues nearly two years ago, I have met more people who share my same passions than I thought was possible. For so long, I have shared my love for blogging with people who, like Tori mentioned, just don’t understand it. And often times, it can leave me feeling crushed and pondering whether or not my passions and goals were important.

So when I found this incredible and supportive creative community, I was elated. I felt a sense of belonging, and more importantly, a kinship. It’s a truly wonderful feeling to connect with someone who is just as excited and thrilled about the same things that you are. It is almost as if I have stumbled upon this secret society, one that is so incredibly loving, supportive and passionate… and as I write this, I’ve realized society may not be the most accurate word.

Family is.

And that’s exactly what our creative community is — a family. A group of people who support, love and encourage one another. And, like Tori, that’s why I invest so much in them. In you. The good morning tweets, emails wishing you a happy weekend or little surprises in your mailbox are simply my thank yous, because I’m just so incredibly fortunate and thankful to know you.

Tori and I would love to hear what this quote means to you. Join our bloghop and create your own blog post sharing what these words conjure within you. Once your post is written, share it with us using the link below.

All imagery + design are created solely by oftreesandhues and should not be used for personal or commercial use without consent. Thank you!
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